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Nicki Adani creates custom indoor and outdoor art pieces that bring life and beauty to public and private spaces.  Her aesthetic has a modern contemporary feel meant to inspire and uplift the viewer.  Her innovative installations enhance spaces for human interaction and enjoyment.


She brings her own artistic eye to each project, paying attention to the natural environment, incorporating the effects of light and shadow.  She pays careful attention to the requirements of the space itself.  She creates unique sculptural art pieces that provide an ever changing visual experience for the viewer.


Her private commissions include unique paintings and sculptural art.  She also takes everyday functional elements and turns them into custom designed art pieces.  These include fountains, gates, fences, light fixtures, room dividers, fireplace screens and sliding doors.  She transforms these everyday objects into art that can become the focal point for a room or an outdoor environment. 

For public and commercial commissions, she works closely with the client or organization to understand the need or purpose the project is intended to address.  She will explore the location, history, existing landscape, surrounding design and environmental elements.  She works collaboratively with the client and design team to create a vision that is unique and meaningful to them.


After creating several options for review, she will develop a mock-up presentation to allow the client to fully visualize the project before moving forward.


Adani works in a variety of materials, such as metal, wood, acrylic, fiber, and LED.  With a background in project management, including work on corporate design teams, she is skilled at managing crews, working within teams and under tight deadlines and within budgets. 


For pricing, availability, or inquiries on a commission piece, please fill out the contact page. 

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